Dhaka: 5:18 PM, Sun, 25 Feb, 2018

Corporal punishment was invented by Satan

Sir Frank Peters: A highway billboard in Amarillo, Texas, that screams ‘beat your children’ to thousands of passing onlookers daily is creating a raucous across America and in other parts of the world and causing people to stop in their tracks and pay attention.

Victory Day a joyous occasion for all

Sir Frank Peters: Today, December 16, is Victory Day… as if you didn’t know and wondered what the thousands of national flags were doing enthusiastically fluttering their little hearts out in celebration!

Call for phone companies to act responsibly

Sir Frank Peters: Sir Frank Peters is proposing to the Minister of State, Post and Telecommunications, Tarana Halim MP, that telephone subscribers should be compensated for all SMS advertisements they receive and that all spam advertising phone calls are banned.

How long is a piece of string?

Sir Frank Peters: There are at least two questions without answers in the world today: how long is a piece of string and when will hideous corporal punishment to children end?

Cruelty unabated in classroom

Sir Frank Peters: One bright spark once said: “truth is stranger than fiction”. I think it was Mark Twain who uttered the immortal words, but I personally didn’t hear him say them, so I can’t be sure. But whoever said them knew what he was talking about.

International Criminal Court and success of Bangladesh

Mostafijur Rahman Nasim: Bangladesh is a small country in the subcontinent. The nation has a bloody history which is totally rare in the globe. Bangladesh appeared in the world map in 1971 through nine months long war.

World should be united against terrorism

A K Azad: United Kingdom is being fallen under terrorist attack continuously.  Amid panic of Manchester attack, the assailants on Saturday killed seven people and wounded dozen others by ramming a vehicle into a crowd on London Bridge and then stabbing people in nearby Borough Market.

Teesta and a new hope

Mostafijur Rahman Nasim: Teesta is a buzz word right now in the country. Lots of opinion, expectation, hope and aspiration are murmuring everywhere centering Teesta water sharing issue.

Social Media & Its Celebrities: Beneficial or Detrimental?

Shamim Wahed: Social media has come to encompass almost every aspect of our lives, bringing more conventional and easier lifestyle for many reasons.

People expect real role of doctors

Mostafijur Rahman Nasim: Doctors are another form of God to a patient. People rush to doctors' chamber or hospital becoming sick where the doctors are everything to get relieve from their sickness.

Transport strike: Suffering knows no bound

Mostafijur Rahman Nasim: Transport system is the main vein of any community across the globe. People suffer most if the transport system collapses.

Facebook messenger, a new platform of torturing women

A K Azad: Facebook, the most popular social media across the world, has turned the world smaller than any other means. Now it has been an integral part of life to keep family members or friends in touch.

Gas tariff hike to affect common people’s living

A K Azad: Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC) has raised the tariff of gas again. It was raised by Tk 5 to Tk 50 percent and average by Tk 22.7 percent. The price hike will be effective in two phases- from March 1 and June 1 respectively.

Food adulteration: A serious health risk for Bangladesh

Nishat Tasnim Shuchi: Food adulteration in Bangladesh has reached at an alarming stage over the last few years. Basic food items on the market like fish, fruits, oils, vegetables, and sweetmeats are adulterated with hazardous chemicals in an indiscriminate manner.

Traffic woes of a city

Nishat Tasnim Shuchi: If you want to travel from Uttara to Motijheel or Mirpur to Motijheel in Dhaka, it will generally take 30 to 45 minutes in consideration of the distance.