Dhaka: 12:40 AM, Sat, 25 Nov, 2017

Recover city canals to save Dhaka

The filled-in canals are a major cause of the excessive waterlogging in Dhaka city.

Action needed to stop irregularities

Distribution of free textbook in primary and secondary levels is a great programme of the government. The government achieved some admiration for the initiative.

Steps needed to prevent food adulteration

Food adulteration is increasing in the country. It seems to us that the whole Bangladesh is stuck in the hands of adulterated food traders.

Practice of humanity needed to prevent degradation

Our society is getting questioned day by day. Crises are gradually increasing due to social instability and degradation of social values. Especially in family life, the consequences of this degradation are dangerous.

Why this misadventure

Pakistan still cannot accept the Independence of Bangladesh! They cannot forget the disgrace which they feel after a deplorable defeat during the War of Liberation in 1971.

Civilized society can’t accept such cruelty

A heartbreaking incident has occurred in Narsingdi.  A female student of class five was burnt alive!  Her aunty Beauty Begum (father's sister-in-law) and other relatives burnt her dead by pouring kerosene.

Traffic jam free capital expected

Long-awaited Mouchak-Moghbazar flyover fully opened to traffic after six years lengthy construction. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina declared the flyover open on October 26.

Time killing not expected over Rohingya repatriation

Myanmar government showed interest to take back their Rohingya citizens in Rakhine.

Long-term steps needed to protect environment

Worldwide pollution is a serious problem. Countries in the world are facing problems due to various pollutions. Air pollution is increasing alarmingly specially in different cities of the world.

Prices of essentials should be brought under control

Prices of daily essentials continue to go up. It seems prices will no longer come down. People in fixed income groups have been suffering the brunt of spiralling price of essentials.

Immediate road repair needed

Several roads and highways in the country are in miserable condition. In many places, roads become unfit to use.

Bangladesh will become hub for S Asia's industry, technology

Now smartphone will be made in Bangladesh. Walton, one of the leading electronics and electrical appliances manufacturers in Bangladesh, will make this phone.

UN intervention will strengthen Rohingya repatriation process

The Myanmar government at last has given a delegation of diplomats an opportunity for the first time to visit the Rakhine state.

Dream now a visible reality

Padma Bridge is no longer a dream. It has now become a visible reality as the first span of the country’s dream multipurpose structure has been installed. The first span of the much-hyped Padma Bridge was installed at Zajira point of the Padma River on Saturday morning after beginning the construction two years ago.

Truth, Justice should remain upheld

Today is holy Ashura. 10th day of the month of Muharram in the Arabic calendar is identified as Ashura.