Dhaka: 8:13 AM, Mon, 01 May, 2017
May Day

Russia plans to build world’s largest aircraft carrier

Risingbd Desk: Russia has announced plans to build 'the world's biggest aircraft carrier' to take on America's Nimitz class ships.

Another nearby planet found that may be just right for life

Risingbd Desk: Astronomers have found yet another planet that seems to have just the right Goldilocks combination for life: Not so hot and not so cold. It’s not so far away, either.

8th visions of Facebook's future from its F8 conference

Risingbd Desk: Mark Zuckerberg used his biggest press event of the year to briefly address uproar over a murder video posted to Facebook.

First living giant shipworm found

Risingbd Desk: Scientists have found live specimens of the rare giant shipworm for the first time, in the Philippines.

Wildlife crime plagues heritage sites

Risingbd Desk: Poaching, illegal logging and fishing are threatening endangered species in some of the world's most iconic natural sites, according to a report.

Facebook suspends 9 lakh fake accounts in BD

International Desk: At least nine lakh fake accounts from Bangladesh was suspended by social media networking platform Facebook in the last three days. Media is being told that Facebook took such a measure after the Bangladesh government requested for it.

Facebook starts blocking fake accounts in Bangladesh

Risingbd Desk: The Facebook authorities on Friday announced that it has started deactivating fake accounts including those created in Bangladesh.

Dhaka 3rd most active city in Facebook world

Desk Report: Dhaka has been ranked third among the cities with the highest number of active Facebook users.

Scientists make cells resistant to HIV

Risingbd Desk: Researchers have found a way to make cells resistant to HIV, a new report reveals.

Artificial brain can learn like human mind

Risingbd Desk: The idea of a robot that can learn and function on its own, without the need for any human help, might sound like the plot to the latest science fiction blockbuster.

Antibiotic link to bowel cancer precursor

Risingbd Desk: People who take antibiotics for a long time are more likely to develop growths on the bowel which can be a precursor to cancer, a study suggests.

Graphene-based sieve turns seawater into drinking water

Risingbd Desk: A UK-based team of researchers has created a graphene-based sieve capable of removing salt from seawater.

Facebook introduces mysterious rocket icon

Risingbd Desk: Facebook is constantly tinkering with its platform - you may have noticed it recently added Snapchat-style stories at the top.

Scientists turned spinach leaves into beating human heart tissue

Desk Report: Researchers have successfully used spinach leaves to build functioning human heart tissue, complete with veins that can transport blood.

Fossils are Australia's 'Jurassic Park'

Risingbd Desk: Scientists have described a remarkable collection of dinosaur tracks on beaches on the Dampier Peninsula, Western Australia.