Dhaka: 8:13 PM, Sun, 19 Feb, 2017
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Scientists appeal for more people to donate their brains

Risingbd Desk: Scientists are appealing for more people to donate their brains for research after they die.

N Zealand part of sunken ‘lost continent’: Scientists

Risingbd Desk: New Zealand might be known as Australia's smaller neighbour but scientists have discovered it is sitting on a previously unknown continent - Zealandia.

Scientists urge more brain donation

Risingbd Desk: Scientists are appealing for more people to donate their brains for research after they die.

Anonymous shuts down 10,000 dark web sites

Risingbd Desk: An Anonymous hacktivist claiming responsibility for shutting down at least 10,000 dark websites and stealing personal data says he did so because of rampant child pornography on the network.

Autism detectable in brain long before symptoms appear

Risingbd Desk: Brain scans can detect autism long before any symptoms start to emerge, say scientists.

First live birth evidence in dinosaur relative

Risingbd Desk: Scientists have uncovered the first evidence of live births in the group of animals that includes dinosaurs, crocodiles and birds.

Dubai announces passenger drone plans

Risingbd Desk: A drone that can carry people will begin "regular operations" in Dubai from July, the head of the city's Roads and Transportation Agency has announced at the World Government Summit.

Banned chemicals persist in deep ocean

Risingbd Desk: Chemicals banned in the 1970s have been found in the deepest reaches of the Pacific Ocean, a new study shows.

Steam starts ‘pay to publish’ system

Risingbd Desk: Valve is changing the way independent game makers can get their creations onto its Steam service.

Man sues Uber for revealing affair

Risingbd Desk: A businessman in southern France is suing ride-hailing company Uber over his wife's discovery of rides he took to see his lover, his lawyer said.

WhatsApp adds two-step verification

Risingbd Desk: The popular messaging service WhatsApp now includes an extra layer of security.

Sound of crickets 'could be lost’

Risingbd Desk: The first comprehensive assessment of Europe's crickets and grasshoppers has found that more than a quarter of species are being driven to extinction.

Ape squeaks reveal language evolution

Risingbd Desk: Scientists who spent years listening to the communication calls of one of our closest ape relatives say their eavesdropping has shed light on the origin of human language.

3 Bangladeshi youths make nano-satellite

Staff Correspondent: Three students of Brac University have made nano-satellit Onnesha, the first satellite developed by any Bangladeshi university which will be launched into low earth orbit by March.

500 years of robots get showcased in London

Risingbd Desk: Why do humans build machines that resemble them -- and what does that say about us? A London exhibition opening on Tuesday is surveying 500 years of simple to sophisticated robots to find out.

E‐voting proposal ill‐motivated: BNP

Senior Correspondent: Terming ‘ill‐motivated’ Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s suggestion for introducing ‘e‐voting’ in the next parliamentary elections, BNP said it is her another tactic to divert people’s concentration to a different direction from the ‘controversial’ Chief Election Commissioner (CEC).