Dhaka: 2:26 PM, Sat, 21 Jan, 2017

Google grabs Twitter app platform Fabric

Risingbd Desk: Google is taking over Twitter's mobile application developer platform Fabric, a move which could give some breathing room for the social network after charting an independent path without a suitor.

Trade Fair tickets available in online

Risingbd Desk: Dhaka International Trade Fair 2017 is underway in full swing. People from all walks of life are visiting the fair venue in a festive mood.

The biggest storm in the universe

Risingbd Desk: It is a stunning new look at the biggest storm in the universe.

Moon is older than we thought, new research suggests

International Desk: It turns out the moon is older than many scientists suspected: a ripe 4.51 billion years old.

Mysterious fossils find place on the tree of life

Risingbd Desk: A strange animal that lived on the ocean floor 500 million years ago has been assigned to the tree of life, solving a long-held mystery.

Cancer spread cut by 75% in tests

Risingbd Desk: The deadly spread of cancer around the body has been cut by three-quarters in animal experiments, say scientists.

Marissa Mayer to resign from Yahoo's board of directors

Risingbd Desk: Yahoo has revealed its future plans if the sale of its main internet properties to Verizon Communications goes ahead, with chief executive Marissa Mayer to step down from the board of the investment company that will be created afterwards.

Missing element found in Earth's core

Risingbd Desk: Japanese scientists believe they have established the identity of a "missing element" within the Earth's core.

Giant asteroid passes just 120,000 miles from Earth

Risingbd Desk: An asteroid as big as a 10-story building has passed by Earth at a distance half that of the Moon, researchers have revealed.

Monkeys communicate with a robot

Risingbd Desk: For those of you mourning the end of 'Planet Earth II', there's good news – a new animal documentary is set to hit our screens this week.

RanksTel launches fastest internet service

Staff Correspondent: Landphone operator RanksTel has announced Bangladesh’s fastest internet service with 1,000 Megabits per second (1Gbps), which can soon be availed by common users.

First Nokia smartphone launched

Risingbd Desk: HMD Global, the Finnish company that owns the rights to use Nokia's brand on mobile phones, announced on Sunday its first smartphone, targeted for Chinese users with a price of 1,699 yuan ($246).

Honda's self-balancing bike stands alone

Risingbd Desk: Keeping a motorcycle upright at high speeds is simple, mostly you just have to hang on.

Facebook takes down photo of sea god Neptune

Risingbd Desk: Facebook has apologized for taking down a photo of a statue of the sea god Neptune that originally violated its policy on nudity.

Mystery cosmic radio bursts pinpointed

Risingbd Desk: They`re one of the most persistent puzzles in modern astronomy.

Abbas warns of counter action

Senior Correspondent: Demanding a neutral Election Commission (EC) for the next general election, BNP leader Mirza Abbas has warned of a counter action if the government fails to meet the demand.

AR Rahman to go on a day-long fast

Entertainment Desk: Oscar winning music director AR Rahman has announced that he will observe a day-long fast on Friday, along with members of the Nadigar Sangam -- the South Indian Artistes Association -- to express solidarity with people protesting against the ban on Jallikattu.