Dhaka: 3:09 AM, Tue, 21 Nov, 2017

'World's oldest wine' found in 8,000-year-old jars in Georgia

International Desk: Scientists say 8,000-year-old pottery fragments have revealed the earliest evidence of grape wine-making.

Traumatic event increases a woman's risk of obesity

Risingbd Desk: Women who have experienced traumatic events are more likely to become obese, according to a new study.

Terrifying shark back 80m years caught off Portugal

Risingbd Desk: Scientists working on a project off the Algarve coast were in for a surprise when they caught a prehistoric shark this week.

Some secrets of the Taj Mahal

Desk Report: For first-time visitors to India, it’s almost impossible to skip the bucket list-worthy Taj Mahal.

Bangladeshi photographer wins 8 awards in 2 global contests

Staff Correspondent: Bangladeshi young photographer has won eight awards in Wiki Loves Monuments 2017 and Wiki Loves Earth 2017.

Aliens may be more like us than we think

Risingbd Desk: Scientists might finally have worked out what aliens would look like. And they're shockingly familiar. Alien life tends to be imagined as strange powerful monsters: either grey humanoids or insect-like killing machines. But they might actually look a lot more like us than we realised, according to pioneering new work by scientists looking to understand what extraterrestrials would actually look like.

Will the world end next month?

Risingbd Desk: Conspiracy theorists are yet again convinced that the mysterious plant Nibiru is set to destroy Earth in the coming weeks.

Saudi becomes first country to grant citizenship to a robot

International Desk: History has been made in Saudi Arabia as a humanoid robot has been granted citizenship for the first time.

A sea of plastic

Risingbd Desk: The pictures are unlikely to make it into the glossy tourist brochures that sell the Caribbean as a paradise destination.

Pollution linked to one in six deaths

International Desk: Pollution has been linked to nine million deaths worldwide in 2015, a report in The Lancet has found.

One banana a day can prevent heart attacks

Risingbd Desk: Just one extra banana or avocado a day could prevent heart attacks and stroke, new research suggests.

Radioactive particles detected across Europe

Risingbd Desk: German officials say that a spike in radioactivity has been detected in the air in western and central Europe.

Pesticides linked to bee deaths found in most honey samples

Risingbd Desk: A new study has found traces of neonicotinoid chemicals in 75% of honey samples from across the world.


Exercise makes brain grow

Risingbd Desk: Regular exercise is not just good for your waistline - it flexes your brain as well.

We will find intelligent alien life within 20 years

Risingbd Desk: Humanity will find alien life within the next two decades, an astronomer has claimed.