Dhaka: 3:36 AM, Sun, 26 Mar, 2017

Cancer may strike due to bad luck, not lifestyle

Risingbd Desk: Why does cancer strike some people and not others? New research shows that random changes or 'mistakes' in DNA when cells are dividing cause nearly two-third of all cancers in humans. These changes are neither caused by external factors like smoking or exposure to harmful chemicals, nor by hereditary factors. They are chance events occurring at the molecular level. In other words, cancer can strike anybody.

Snake-like creature with 'two heads'

Risingbd Desk: A woman in Santa Fe, Argentina has stumbled across a strange double-headed creature, and the internet is going crazy.

‘Extreme and unusual’ climate trends continue after record 2016

Risingbd Desk: In the atmosphere, the seas and around the poles, climate change is reaching disturbing new levels across the Earth.


7 silent signs your kidneys could be in big trouble

Risingbd Desk: More than 26 million American adults live with kidney disease. The scary thing? According to the National Kidney Foundation, only about 10 percent of those people know they have it.

‘Healthiest hearts in the world’ found

Risingbd Desk: The healthiest hearts in the world have been found in the Tsimane people in the forests of Bolivia, say researchers.

How to survive an elevator free fall

Risingbd Desk: If you've ever watched a disaster movie, listened to that old Aerosmith single or nervously glanced at a maximum load placard, you've probably pondered what you would do if you were ever trapped in a falling elevator.

B vitamins may have ‘protective effect’ against air pollution

Risingbd Desk: B vitamins may offer some protection against the impacts of air pollution, a small scale human trial suggests.

This Croatian island looks like a giant fingerprint

Risingbd Desk: This tiny island in the Adriatic Sea, off the coast of Croatia, has been under a lot of attention in recent times. Located in the Sibenik archipelago on the Dalmatian coast, this small island of 1.4 square kilometer is completely covered by a web of dry stone walls.

Can sweat patches revolutionise diabetes?

Risingbd Desk: Scientists have developed a sensor that can monitor blood sugar levels by analysing sweaty skin.

Is this proof there could be life on Mars?

Risingbd Desk: Mars may have been even wetter than imagined, according to new research on simulated Martian meteorites.

Amazon announces plans to ship packages to the moon by 2020

Risingbd Desk: More than four decades after man last walked on the moon, space experts are delivering lunar equipment so we can set up a permanent home.

Lack of sleep make obese

Risingbd Desk: Make sure you get eight hours of sleep each night.

6 tricks to lose weight

Risingbd Desk: Dieting is no easy task. You think the main goal is just to start eating healthy food, but the tricky thing is to adopt new dieting habits. To make the process of losing those extra pounds easier for you, we decided to share these 6 tricks that no one ever told you about.

SpaceX to fly two tourists around Moon in 2018

Risingbd Desk: US private rocket company SpaceX has announced that two private citizens have paid to be sent around the Moon.


E-cigarettes may be great risk of stroke

Risingbd Desk: We've just been told that e-cigarettes are the safest way to smoke.