Dhaka: 8:30 AM, Sun, 21 Apr, 2019

Statins don’t work well for one in two people

Risingbd Desk: Cholesterol-lowering "statin" drugs taken by millions of Britons may not work well enough in about half of those prescribed them, research suggests.

Measles cases quadruple globally in 2019: UN

Risingbd Desk: The number of measles cases reported worldwide in the first three months of 2019 has quadrupled compared with the same time last year, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Light pollution not improving: CPRE

Risingbd Desk: Just one in 50 people in England experiences nights that are free from light pollution, according to the results of a survey.

New human species found in Philippines

Risingbd Desk: There's a new addition to the family tree: an extinct species of human that's been found in the Philippines.

Satellites used to protect endangered sharks

Risingbd Desk: Satellites scanning the oceans are a valuable new tool to protect sharks, according to scientists.

Even one drink a day increases stroke risk

Risingbd Desk: Even light-to-moderate drinking increases blood pressure and the chances of having a stroke, according to a large genetic study in The Lancet, countering previous claims that one or two drinks a day could be protective.

UK scientists discover world's tallest tropical tree

Risingbd Desk: Scientists in the UK and Malaysia say they have discovered the world's tallest tropical tree measuring more than 100m (328ft) high.

How much water should you drink a day?

Risingbd Desk: In the early 19th Century, people had to be close to death before deigning to drink water. Only those “reduced to the last stage of poverty satisfy their thirst with water”, according to Vincent Priessnitz, the founder of hydropathy, otherwise known as “the water cure”.

Diets cutting one-in-five lives short every year

Risingbd Desk: The food we eat is putting 11 million of us into an early grave each year, an influential study shows.

What does air pollution do to our bodies?

Risingbd Desk: The countdown has begun to the launch of one of the world's boldest attempts to tackle air pollution.

Drug linked to 33 deaths

Risingbd Desk: A prescription drug linked to 33 deaths in 2017 in Northern Ireland will now be treated as a class C drug.

Stunning fossils record dinosaurs' demise

Risingbd Desk: Scientists have found an extraordinary snapshot of the fallout from the asteroid impact that wiped out the dinosaurs 66 million years ago.

How many cigarettes in a bottle of wine?

Risingbd Desk: Drinking one 750ml bottle of wine a week increases the risk of developing cancer ovear a lifetime by the equivalent of 10 cigarettes a week for women and five for men, a study says.

Dogs can smell epileptic seizures

Risingbd Desk: French scientists say they have proof that dogs can pick up the smell of an epileptic seizure.

Climate change impacts accelerating: WMO

Risingbd Desk: The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) says that the physical and financial impacts of global warming are accelerating.