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Music makes call to stop violence against Rohingyas

A K Azad : risingbd.com
Publish on: 2016-12-22 4:28:53 PM     ||     Updated: 2016-12-22 4:28:53 PM

Staff Correspondent: The violence against Rohingya people, the Muslim minority in Rakhine State of Myanmar, has been escalated alarmingly. The state forces are conducting counter-insurgency against the ethnic community and killing them after torture, according to the victims.
Rohingyas alleged that security forces of the country have been shooting them, slaughtering children, raping women, burning and looting houses and forcing them to leave their ancestral land.
Different human rights organisations and countries including United Nations (UN) are continuously urging the country to stop the violence and recognise the ethnic people as citizens. But the call is not enough to put the Myanmar government into pressure in such a terrible situation. The world conscience must be more vibrant in the issue.

The savagery being conducted on Rohingya people shocked sympathetic poet and lyricist Mahbubul A Khalid. His song with the title ‘Rohingya, Rohingya, Rohingya people’ expresses deep empathy to the oppressed people and urges the world conscience to raise voices against the inhumanity. The music of the song was composed by Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul.

Dinat Jahan Munni, Razib, Elita Karim, Rumana Akter Eti and Smaran rendered their voices together in the song.
The audio and music tracks of the song have recently published on the website www.khalidsangeet.com. Besides, it was also released on YouTube.
Apart from Rohingyas, songs and poems of Mahbubul A Khalid also urge all to stand by the oppressed people throughout the world. His song `Save the Palestine` bears a significant example. Apart from this, his songs and poems are rich enough with the fields of public awareness, the nature and the land, the philanthropy, religions and social festivals and sports.
Noted musician Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul who composed the song said about it, "Violence against Rohingya created a storm of protests in many places of the world. I also hoped that the artists and writers of our country would raise their voices against the brutality as well. But they are silent over the issue. On the right moment, Mahbubul A Khalid came up with the song urging, stop killing and win the world with love."  
Referring the paramount importance in composing the song, he said, "I spent 12 to 14 days to compose it where a song generally takes one or two days."   
"He (Mahbubul A Khalid) always writes exceptional songs and poems. His songs reflect the problems of people, their hardship, possibility, social awareness, rituals of all religions and philanthropic issues and I am fond of it," he added.

The audience can also use the song as ringtone and welcome tune. The audio, music track and ringtone of the song can be found at http://khalidsangeet.com/musics/details/rohingya-rohingya.

To set the song as welcome tune please follow the underneath process.  

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Listen the song on Rohingya people here.

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