Dhaka: 10:54 AM, Sat, 04 Jul, 2020

Bangladeshi company claims to invent corona vaccine

Globe Biotech Ltd, a medicine manufacturing company in the country, has claimed that they have invented Covid-19 vaccine for the first time.

Bangladesh Innovation Summit to begin on July 10

The 'Bangladesh Innovation Summit-2020' is going to hold for the fourth time in the country on the initiative of Bangladesh Innovation Forum with the theme "Today's Innovation, Future Possibilities".

Bangladesh in red zone of cyber-attack: CTO Forum

Hackers are not sitting idle during the coronavirus epidemic rather they are more active now.

VISA to launch office in Bangladesh

Leading payment technology company VISA has unveiled to launch a liaison office in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Coronavirus may trigger diabetes in healthy people: Study

In a significant find, a new study has said that the novel coronavirus behind Covid-19 may actually trigger onset of diabetes in healthy people, apart from causing severe complications of pre-existing diabetes.

Hydroxychloroquine does not cure Covid-19

Hydroxychloroquine does not work against Covid-19 and should not be given to any more hospital patients around the world, say the leaders of the biggest and best-designed trial of the drug, which experts will hope finally settle the question.

High blood pressure can double risk of Covid-19 death

People who have high blood pressure may be twice as likely to die from Covid-19 than those without the medical condition, according to research.

Ibuprofen to reduce COVID-19 symptoms

Ibuprofen is being tested to assess whether it can prevent severe breathing problems in coronavirus patients and reduce the number of people needing treatment in intensive care units.

Dementia gene doubles risk of Covid-19

People with a genetic mutation that increases the risk of dementia also have a greater chance of having severe Covid-19, researchers have revealed.

Scientists discover antibody that can block coronavirus

Scientists have discovered an antibody which prevents coronavirus from infecting human cells.

USA gets coronavirus medicine

An experimental drug has proved effective against the new coronavirus in a major study, shortening the time it takes for patients to recover by four days on average, United States government and company officials announced Wednesday.

Record-breaking hole in ozone layer over Arctic closed

Scientists have revealed that the hole observed in the ozone layer above the Arctic last month has healed itself.

Coronavirus vaccine to be injected into human body on Thursday

The UK government is "throwing everything" at developing a coronavirus vaccine, Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said.

Coronavirus originated in lab, claims Nobel winner Montagnier

French Nobel prize winning scientist Luc Montagnier has sparked a fresh controversy by claiming that the SARS-CoV-2 virus came from a lab, and is the result of an attempt to manufacture a vaccine against the AIDS virus.

UK scientists start producing 10 lakh coronavirus vaccines

British scientists have said they hope to have one million doses of a coronavirus vaccine ready to be deployed by September.