Dhaka: 12:29 PM, Sat, 07 Dec, 2019

India tiger on ‘longest walk ever’ for mate and prey

A tiger has undertaken the longest walk ever recorded in India, travelling some 1,300km (807 miles) in five months.

Critical year for climate change starts in Madrid

A critical 12 months in the battle against rising temperatures begins in Madrid this week, as UN delegates gather for key talks.

Smartphone becomes addiction for young people

Almost a quarter of young people are so dependent on their smartphones that it becomes like an addiction, suggests research by psychiatrists.

Immunotherapy offers hope for men with prostate cancer

A major trial of an immunotherapy drug has shown it can be effective in some men with advanced prostate cancer.

Climate change: Greenhouse gas concentrations again break records

Atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases once again reached new highs in 2018.

Samoa measles outbreak worsens

A measles outbreak in the Pacific nation of Samoa has killed 22 people, nearly all children under five.

Global epidemic of childhood inactivity

Four in five 11- to 17-year-olds around the world are not taking enough physical exercise, according to the first such analysis.

Vaping linked to teen’s ‘popcorn lung’ type injury

A Canadian teenager has developed a vaping-related lung injury similar to "popcorn lung", his doctors say.

A third of tropical African plants face extinction

A third of tropical African plants are on the path to extinction, according to a new assessment.

Severe allergic reactions rise in children

The number of children being admitted to hospital in England with a severe allergic reaction has risen every year for the past five years.

Climate change: Bigger hurricanes are now more damaging

The biggest and most damaging hurricanes are now three times more frequent than they were 100 years ago, say researchers.

Yoga teachers 'risking serious hip problems'

Its physical benefits for flexibility and balance, as well as its spiritual connection, mean it's practised by millions across the world.

Climate change making mountaineering riskier

Mountaineering in some parts of the world is becoming riskier because of climate change, climbing experts and scientists warn.

Origin of modern humans ‘traced to Botswana’

Scientists have pinpointed the homeland of all humans alive today to a region south of the Zambesi River.

Stroke recovery clue from patient walking speed

World-leading research is helping scientists find new ways of trying to help younger people who have had a stroke get back to work.