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Awareness needed at factories

Mukul : risingbd.com
Publish on: 2016-11-26 3:13:06 PM     ||     Updated: 2017-01-12 2:03:54 PM

Incidents are happening at the country’s factories one after another. Specially, fires break out regularly in factories around the country due to poor maintenance and safety measures.

When there was an effort to ease mourning and damages caused by the fire in a chemical factory at Tongi, then a devastating fire broke out at a lighter manufacturing factory at Ashulia, Dhaka. The fire has already claimed the lives of three workers, and at least 24 others are still fighting for their lives.  

According to media, the factory of Colour Max (BD) Ltd had no approval.  It is blamed that the severe negligence of the owners has caused the fire and casualties.  The factory was conducting its activities from an old shed of a poultry farm. It is observed that no safety measure and awareness step was taken for such kind of sensitive factory, such as a specific uniform, masks and so on. The factory had no permission from Department of Explosives and Department of Inspection for Factories and Establishments. There was no road so that any vehicle, even people can go there. Most of the workers of the factory were female but they did not get any training how to douse fire and protect themselves from fire.  

A devasting fire also broke out at a such kind of risky factory at Ashulia last year. At least eight people received serious burn injuries in the fire at the factory of Palmal Industries Ltd in Charabagh area. There was an allegation that no awareness and safety measure was taken for such kind of a sensitive factory. The factory authority had no permission from the Department of Explosives.

We know that at least 117 people were burnt dead in a chemical storage fire in the capital’s Nimtoli in 2010. Savar’s Tazreen garment factory fire took lives of 126 workers in 2012.   Some days ago, Tampaco Foils at Tongi took lives of 39 people. There was no safety measure in the areas.

Severe negligence of the some factory owners, entrepreneurs and authorities are causing the fire and the casualties. So, it is not accepted at all.

If safety measures were taken there was a possibility to save lives and reduce losses. It is not possible only for the government to work for the safety improvements. Side-by-side, all entrepreneurs, investors and factory owners have to come ahead to improve safety measures and increase awareness activities. We don’t want to see no loss and damage. We hope that all will be aware.

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