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BNP has 3 ways to release Khaleda Zia!

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Publish on: 2020-03-05 10:29:56 PM     ||     Updated: 2020-04-25 9:44:46 PM

Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) has only three ways to release its party Chief Khaleda Zia.

Top level leaders of the party opined that the three ways are – legal process, political movement and compromise with the government.

But, the question is – Which way is BNP going to follow?

Several leaders at a policymaking level opined, the first path is – legal procedure to release Khaleda Zia. The party is trying to do that.

Other leaders of the party said, the second way would be – movements. But, the leaders failed to maintain strategies in this regard. BNP is holding only rally-processions, human-chain programs peacefully.

The third way is – negotiation with the government. However, some leaders of BNP said, there is no scope to do negotiation with Awami League morally.