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Welcome 2019

Bangladesh should go ahead with new hope, enthusiasm

Nasim : risingbd.com
Publish on: 2019-01-01 2:52:45 PM     ||     Updated: 2019-01-01 3:57:25 PM

Welcome New Year 2019. Another year has passed away. Today is the first day of Gregorian calendar.

The world people welcomed the New Year with new hopes, dreams and aspirations. Welcoming the New Year, people plan to decorate the upcoming new days. People take oath to move forward leaving faults of previous years. We hope that the New Year will be positive for all nationally.

The nation got the New Year in such a time when Awami League-led alliance is going to take charge of the country for third consecutive term under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh. Sheikh Hasina, the worthy daughter of the greatest Bangalee of all time Father of the nation won the parliamentary election in the last phase of the gone year. We expect that development plans and projects of last two terms will continue in the third term of the Sheikh Hasina government.

Bangladesh has stepped forward in economic sector in last couple of years under the leadership of Awami League. About eight percent of the GDP growth has been achieved in the last year. Besides, Bangladesh is in the top of social and Human Capital Indexes in south Asia. We think that the country will go forward, stable and rich in this year. The Padma Bridge project is scheduled to end this year. We expect the project will be completed in time. Side by side, some new projects will be added during the regime of the incumbent government and the country will achieve success.

The government was active over Rohingya issue in last year. Providing commitment, Myanmar did not take back Rohingya refugees. As a result, Bangladesh is carrying the load of over 10 lakh Rohingya refugees. On the other, the world community has failed to take effective steps in this regard. We hope the crisis will come to end in this year and the Rohingya repatriation will be completed soon.

There is a lack of tolerance in our country’s politics. The opposition party rejected elections result citing alleged vote rigging in the national election. So, it cannot be said that there will be no political turmoil in this newly started year. All the concerned should be stay alert so that big crisis may not take place centering political dispute of the last year. But, we expect all sides will follow the principle of coexistence and discussion. The existing facilities should be implemented to build a prosperous Bangladesh. We have to be united for the sake of national interest. Thus, the country will be able to move forward economically and politically.

The new year should bring happiness, peace and prosperity. Animosity, violence, and militancy should be stopped. Bangladesh will go forward with new hope and aspiration leaving drawbacks of previous year. Greetings of New Year to the readers, writers and well-wishers of risingbd.com. Happy New Year to all.   

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