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Bhabadaha crisis should be resolved

Amirul : risingbd.com
Publish on: 2016-10-19 7:08:19 PM     ||     Updated: 2016-10-19 7:08:19 PM

Huge waterlogging exists in Bhabadaha area of Jessore district. People of this area have become vulnerable due to waterlogging. Nearly 10 lakh people are facing untold sufferings. They are now bankrupt as most of their lands went under water for months. Communication system and socio-economic activities in the area have collapsed.

People are forced to remain tied to the platform over the water. Hundreds of families have taken shelter on higher ground. Educational institutions in the area remain closed. There is no scope to take classes as water has entered the campuses of the educational institutions. There have been widespread shortages of drinking water. There is no way to sanitation. People are being infected with water-borne diseases.

Basically Abhaynagar, Monirampur and Keshabpur upazilas of Jessore, parts of Dumuria and Phultala upazilas of Khulna constitute Bhabadaha. This area is surrounded by Mukteshwari, Sree, Hori and Teka rivers. These rivers are the only way to water sewerage. But silts being deposited, water is not moving as the rivers lose navigability. Canals in the area submerge when it rains heavily. But this rain water can no longer move. As a result, waterlogging is created. Around 80,000 hectares of land and 490 villages of 43 unions of Bhabadaha area have been under water.

Bhabadaha people are trying their best to save themselves. They have formed a committee in this regard. They are knocking at the doors of different government offices to take steps for removing water on an emergency basis. They think channels in the rivers are needed from Bhabadaha sluice gate to Sholgati. It is needed to connect Amdanga canal with Rajapur canal.

Online news portal risingbd.com organised a roundtable to discuss about ways to resolve waterlogging in Bhabadaha area where speakers stressed on removing water immediately. Speakers at the roundtable said long-term plans along with the short-term ones should be taken to reduce the suffering caused by the waterlogging in Bhabadaha area. They have suggested that Bhabadaha be declared as the affected area.

A concerted effort is needed to remove the suffering of Bhabadaha people. Rivers and canals should be excavated if necessary. This situation may appear as disaster if appropriate steps are not taken immediately. We expect that the authorities concerned will take the matter into an account.

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