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How I make a story of rape for a newspaper?

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Khadiza Alam: Can you write a story on rape?

- On rape?

-  Yes, rape. The story will be perfect realistic, can’t you? Can’t you understand? What had I heard about you, I think you can write the story? I know that you write this type of writing with good hand. May be, but I never wrote on rape.

Moreover, real people. Try to write, something good can be created. If you want, you can talk with a girl who is raped. Have you ever been to rape? How dare you I want to give you a job but what are you thinking?

You became angry by asking the question as you are a girl. So why will other tell me? You told me to talk with a girl who is raped. But who will tell about it? Oh, I am sorry. I don’t think like this; please complete the story how you can. Don’t think about that I am bothering you. Handsome honour will be given. Without this, your story will be published in the front page of our newspaper. - Front page! 

Yes, in the front page. Everybody doesn’t get this chance. You can try to write down it. Yes I am going to try it. It is more than anything to publish my story in the front page of the newspaper named “Mayader Kontho”. Like different type of newspapers it only writes articles on girls. If it is necessary to me what type of newspaper it is. I just need fame. Which popularity I achieved by writing in the facebook, that is not enough for me. But the edition of the news called for me depends on such type of writing on facebook. I like that I have some hidden power in myself. However, I have to express something of it in front of them. 

Returning home, I started to read the incident news.  I cut the news of rape which were took place last week with a lesser and stuck them on a board. Only four articles on rape within seven days.  It is very few. At this moment I need minimum twenty news article on rape. Shit! What am I thinking? I went to the newspaper stall and bought some old newspaper. I separated the news on rape among them and stuck them on a board. Yes, I got the twenty articles on rape. Now, I have to study on them.

First news is a girl raped by a boy by pretending to marry her. It will not be counted because when it was happened it was not rape. As the girl, she failed a rape case against the boy. In this way I cut off 15 incidents. After reading the articles, I could understand those are false story. It was taken place by both of their consent. When the relationship could not continue, it was published as a rape case.

But I was shocked by 16 number news on rape. It was said in the article that step father raped his step daughter for a long time by taking the chance of his wife’s illness. I read the whole article very carefully several times. I was becoming astonish, is it possible? Very good, the reporter wrote it in details. The full address both of the rapist and the girl was also given. The rapist is now in police custody; however, it is nothing to me. I need to talk with the girl. I could know thought the newspaper that the news was published one year ago firstly. Then the villagers caught the rapist father and handed over him to police.

Will it be right to ask the girl about the previous incident after a long time? Will I create hate in her mind newly? I could not understand what should I do? At last I took decision to go to the girl’s village.

The village of the girl is in Barishal division. After taking the decision, I reached Barishal by launch at night. By this time the editor of “Mayader Kontho” called me and wanted to know the progress of the writing. I told him, that the job is going properly. But it is not running. I could not have fixed what to write down.

It was not easy to talk with that girl. She was convinced after a long of my request to tell the incident. The age of that girl is not more than 17/18, but what a terrible incident she faced by this age, I can’t imagine. I convinced that girl, if I write her story others girl can be careful after reading and can protest against it.

The girl started to tell her painful story. During her telling time I couldn’t speak. After her story telling. I saw the tear falling from both of their eyes.
I came back to Dhaka. It is not possible for me to write down the story. It is necessary to write down the story. It is necessary to inform the editor of “Mayader kontho”. How does a man can do such a type of heinous act? Nevertheless, with the daughter. However, she is step daughter, but daughter. When the girl was telling me the story I became surprised more and more.

How did she spend her days with neglecting! Every night she served the dinner for him by thinking the happiness of her mother. But that wicked man made an illegal physical relationship every night. No! I couldn’t write this story. After all I decided to write down the story.

I took the phone and called the editor. After receiving the phone, she requested me not to tell that you could not write the story or so on. I have kept empty/ blank the front page of this Friday for your writing. Can you remember what the date of Friday is? 8th March, is “The International Women Day” please don’t disappointed me. Don’t give chance to say anything she kept the phone.

I can’t think what shall I do? So, decided to write down the story. I started to write the story as the girl. Thinking only about the daughter, Keya’s (not real name) mother decided to marry second time at her eight years old. As it was difficult for her to accept an unknown person as her father, after that he copped with him. When she was taking part in her S.S.C exam, her mother became sick. Meantime, she gave the place of her, real father to the new father. So, she never minded to kiss her by the name of affection. It was started by kissing in her neck. Gradually, the man started to touch her breast and back side.

Firstly, Keya took it lightly, but she could understand his father’s mind is not good. The God has sent all the female in this world with a strange feeling. Using the feeling, they can feel which touch is good or which touch is lustful.

Which looking is affectionate and which looking is sexual. At the eleventh hour Keya’s wicked father became more lustful. He raped her forcefully by seeing the afraid that he will divorce her mother. When she tried to understand that it is not right, he became more excited and sex with her. She could not cry so that her beside the room. She tolerated it silently day by day.

I can’t. My fingers are going to stuck on the key board. I can’t write down by thinking about the girl. How did her lusty father do this! After that I tried to write the story in another two ways. I can’t it. At last, I stopped the writing. Now I feel relax. But it is Thursday today! If I can’t send the writing within tonight, the editor will become angry with me. She will post false statement on me in the social media. And if she writes down about me in her feminist newspaper. I can’t come in light with my bright face. After thinking a lot, I took a decision, I’ll write to the editor of “Mayader Kontho” how she gave me the job and how I complete it without the real history of girl as a story. Then I did E-mail it to the editor. I slept a sound sleep, after stopped the ring tune of the phone, and net connection.

I wake up from the bed by hearing the sound of calling bell. As soon as I opened the door, I saw an unknown person give me a copy of “Mayader Kontho” and an envelope and went away. I became wonder to see the front page of the newspaper. They published my story in the newspaper. After opening the envelope, I got a check of ten thousand taka, with a good wishing letter.

Writer: Student of Department of English, University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh

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