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Safe roads

Initiatives needed to bring back discipline

A K Azad : risingbd.com
Publish on: 2019-01-18 5:47:57 PM     ||     Updated: 2019-01-18 5:48:23 PM

Traffic department of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) has again launched a 15-day long campaign to bring back discipline or to ensure safe movement on roads in the capital. The ‘fortnightly traffic discipline-2019’ launched on Tuesday.

DMP’s goals during traffic discipline program include:

* Raise traffic awareness via leaflets, placards, festoons, guides books

* Organize traffic awareness programs at important points in Dhaka, featuring notable personalities from different professions

* If necessary, engage Rover Scouts, Girl Guides and BNCC members to regulate traffic

* Make the zebra crossings and road markings visible

* Establish proper traffic signs and deploy traffic police and school-college volunteers near schools and colleges

* Continue special traffic operations and mobile courts against violation of traffic laws

* Motivate pedestrians to use foot-over-bridges in the 30 important places in Dhaka

* Make vehicles stop before the stop line next to the zebra crossings

* Ensure that passengers are picked up from designated bus stoppages

It is not difficult to maintain discipline on roads. It can’t create any problem if drivers, passengers and commuters obey traffic rules from their own positions respectively.

But we are careless. Our tendency is to breach rules and regulations. There is no discipline in vehicle movement in the capital specially in public transports. Bus drivers are very much reckless. They do not stop busses on selected stoppages. They stop buses where and there to get down and get in passengers.

Once people used to travel by buses having tickets in the capital. Extra passengers were not allowed on the buses and stopped on the definite stoppages. But all are now disappeared. Now workers stope buses everywhere for passengers. If someone protest them, they harassed him mercilessly.

There were many BRTC buses and fare was also reasonable. But now the buses of state-owned transport organisations are limited. So, different bus companies are taking advantage and collecting extra fares as they wish.

There are a lot of vehicles without fitness and license plying on in the capital. Road crashes are happening frequently as many of unskilled drivers are running buses in Dhaka. Though reports earlier published in this regard, there is no change.

Commuters also do not maintain traffic rules. They cross roads everywhere they wish. They look indifferent to follow traffic rules.

Motorbikes are often seen on footpaths. It is also seen even at the area where police are on duty. It means as there are no rules here.

Two students were killed by bus race in the capital which sparked demonstration across the country. Students took the streets demanding safe roads. In face of protest, DMP observed a month-long traffic awareness across the country. But it did not bring any changes.

It is not a matter of one week or month. It is matter of awareness. Everybody must have to follow traffic rules to bring discipline on roads. Alongside, law enforcers have to implement laws in this regard properly.

Road crashes make a national problem in the country. So, the authorities should announce zero tolerance against traffic rules breaching. Side by side, law enforcers who will be found negligent in performing duties should face accountability.

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