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Red card to child marriage

Augustin Sujan : risingbd.com
Publish on: 2017-01-25 4:50:10 PM     ||     Updated: 2017-01-25 4:50:10 PM

A player is shown red card to send him or her off the field for misconduct in various forms of sports mainly in football. The red card means that particular player must be got off the field and will not be allowed to play. Generally the arbitrator of the game who is called referee shows red car to players. That red car has seen on the hands of teenage girls of our society to wipe out child marriage from the field of life.


Over one lakh students showed red cards to child marriage and the news was published on renowned online news portal risingbd.com on January 23. Teenage girls gathered at rallies in Sunamganj and showed red cards to heal the termite from the society. The rallies were held at 299 places in the district where 114,323 female teenage students gathered and showed red cards to child marriage together at 12.15pm. This is really a praiseworthy initiative and a great mean to create social awareness.


The main rally was held at Shaheed Abul Hossain Auditorium at Sunamganj town where the district was declared free from child marriage. Parents, guardians and general people also spontaneously joined the rallies along with students with various slogans where they said 'no' to child marriage.  


Marriage is a very special chapter in social life. But for this, physical and mental preparation is must. One should go for marriage after becoming physically and mentally mature. According to medical science, a man or woman becomes mentally and physically mature to lead independent life at the age of 18 if he or she is grown up getting sufficient nutrients. This is why 18 is considered as an important year for human being.


In our country, the government has set 21 years for men and 18 years for women as the minimum age for marriage. According to medical science, the reproduction organs of men do not get maturity until 21 years. On the other hand, the reproduction organs of women like uterus, ovary and pelvis do not get maturity until 19 years. In both cases, if they get married, then the reproductive organs might face various health complexities and specially the women can fall in problem during conceive.


Healthy citizens are needed for a sound society. Healthy and sound generation can come through healthy citizens. Child marriage is an obstacle to civic health and sound society. Social awareness is must to stop child marriage. All tiers of people should come forward to take initiatives for creating awareness against child marriage.


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