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Walton showcasing over 700 models of appliances at DITF

Nasim : risingbd.com
Publish on: 2018-01-07 10:50:38 AM     ||     Updated: 2018-01-15 6:12:36 PM

Staff Reporter: The country’s electronics giant Walton is showcasing and selling out more than 700 models of various sorts of products, including electronics, electrical, home and kitchen appliances, mobile phones, laptops, computer accessories and industrial solutions, at the ongoing month-long “Dhaka International Trade Fair (DITF)- 2018,” begin at Sher-e-Bangla Nagar in the capital on January 1 of this year.

Targeting the visiting representatives of the electronics and electrical products manufacturing industries at the DITF-18, Walton this year has brought various sorts of industrial solutions like plastic mould, die, LGP, LDP, nut, bolts, screws, plastic and chemical components, electric components, mechanical components, hot melt adhesive etc. These products are the basic raw materials of various sorts of electronics and electrical appliances. Walton is now manufacturing these products at its own factory to meet the requirement of basic raw materials for its produced fridges, televisions, air conditioners and other sorts of appliances and thus they are going to export industrial solutions after meeting their internal demands.

Md Humayun Kabir, executive director (PR & Media) of Walton Group, said, they are displaying highest amount of consumer based electronics and electrical appliances so that the buyers can buy their all desired products from one place.

He noted that this year Walton planned to highlight the ‘Made in Bangladesh’ labeled world-class appliances to the fair visitors and buyers.

This year they are displaying and selling out LGP, LDP, master batch, aluminum foil tape, various sorts of plastic and still components as fresh products in this year’s DITF, he added.

Centering the beginning of DITF and New Year, Walton has brought a good number of new models of appliances, including IoT based smart fridges and air conditioners, ionizer technology’s air conditioners that will flow fresh air in the room, seventh generation 15.6-inch display’s laptop that is powered by core-i 5 processors.

Along with the existing products, the local brand is also displaying some upcoming models of its various products, including the country’s first-ever Walton made 32-inch big screen multi-touch Compo-TV and few models of its LED and Smart televisions.

Shah Shahid Chowdhury, convener of Walton Pavilion at DITF-18, said, they are displaying more than 700 models of appliances in accordance with the demands, tastes and purchasing power capacity of the local buyers.

In this year’s DITF-18, Walton set up a three-storey premier pavilion (Number-23) with unique design.

Md. Shafiqul Alam, in-charge of Walton Pavilion, said, they are displaying various models of fridges, air conditioners, televisions, electrical appliances, and other sorts of home and kitchen appliances  at the ground floor of the pavilion. Among these products, there are 21 models of freezer, 31 models of non-frost refrigerator and 86 models of frost refrigerator, 103 models of LED television, 2 models of Ultra-HD television, 23 models of air conditioner, 24 models of rice cooker, 5 models of kitchen cookware, 13 models of iron, 6 models of IPS, 10 models of auto voltage stabilizer, 6 models of fan and LED bulb, few models of oven, induction cooker, hair dryer, air cooler, washing machine, rechargeable and portable lamp, juicer, multi-cooker, toaster, gas stove and water dispenser. In addition, there are also single model of weight machine, electric oven, pressure cooker, vegetable (Salad) maker, food processor, cloth dryer, sandwich maker, mop set, room heater, stand mixer and beaters, air fryers etc.

At the first floor, there are displaying 17 models of compressor, 27 models of laptop, 10 models of tab and 19 models of generator including one model of diesel run generator. High performance elevator that is produced in Walton factory with state-of-the art technology and advanced machineries are also displayed for sale at the first floor of Walton Pavilion.

There are rooms for IT support, CCTV monitoring, store and employees at the 2nd floor of Walton Pavilion.

In Walton Pavilion, customers are enjoying up to 8 percent discount on the purchase of products. The customers of Walton fridges, air conditioners and other heavy weight products are also offered free home delivery facility at the pavilion. 

Mentionable, Walton secured the highest VAT payer title every year since the inception of the recognition of the highest VAT Paying enterprises at the DITF. In addition, the local brand honoured with Best Premier Pavilion Award several times at the DITF.

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