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Export growth

We have to continue trend of development

Mukul : risingbd.com
Publish on: 2019-01-07 11:16:30 AM     ||     Updated: 2019-01-07 11:16:30 AM

Bangladesh is moving forward economically. Export earning witnessed a huge growth in the year 2018. In first six months of the fiscal year 2018-19, export earning increased to 14.42 per cent compared to the previous fiscal year (2017-18). Which is 9.13 per cent higher than the target. In December alone, Bangladesh exported goods worth $ 353 crore. Which is 2.8 per cent more than the same period of last year. In first six months, Bangladesh earned $ 2,550 by exporting various products. In the same period of last year, it was 1, 791 crore dollars.

The new year started with the good news of export earning. The positive trend continues. The country's export-oriented readymade garment sector has been growing gradually. In that time, the income from the garment sector was 1, 708.49 crore dollars. During that time, the target was 1,574.55 crore dollars.

During the period, export from agricultural products was $51.76 crore dollars, which is about 67 per cent higher more than the same period of last year. It is being expected that this trend will continue for the remaining six months of the year as well as it will continue to increase further.

In fact, infrastructure development, particularly development of the port facilities and communications system and providing uninterrupted gas and electricity supply plays a positive role in increasing production and export earning. BGMEA, the organization of export-oriented garment factories’ owners, also took various initiatives that also helped increase export earning. This  growth will accelerate if this trend of development and political stability continue.

The export of Bangladeshi products is increasing in international market. Although the country's main export-oriented sector is garment industry, exports of other products are increasing rapidly. Besides, the flow of remittance is increasing in the country. In 2018, expatriates sent 1,500 crore US dollars to the country.   Which is 15 percent more than the previous year. Besides, in many sectors, Bangladesh is showing progress.

We believe that this growth will have a positive impact on employment opportunity and other socio-economic fields. Bangladesh has many achievements in the financial and socio- economic fields in the 47 years. County’s education, health, industry, agriculture, communications and information technology sectors have showed huge progress. We also have done a progress in human resources development from many other developing countries. So, we have to continue the progress.

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